Hi, this is Stella, I’m writing this message in lieu of Lia because she’s on medication and it’s making it difficult for her to type.

Commissions are on hold. She’s sorry she’s been unable to contact anyone but a last minute con came up a couple weeks back and she spent a lot of time getting merch together for a friend who was going to sell for her.

She got really sick during the spring break and needs to undergo some minor surgery so she’s under medication right now. We don’t know how long it’ll take for her to recover at the moment but she says she will try to get back to the commissions as soon as she’s better and that she’s really sorry.

She’s really out of it right now, so please be patient! Thanks!

It’s tough being Sora.

Artist: Braxton Burks
Title: N Suite
Album: Pokémon Reorchestrated: Double Team!


N Suite - Pokemon Reorchestrated: Double Team!


"Amalgam" from Giant Woman.

Pearl and Amethyst’s fusion dance song, extended into a full song. This is what the song would’ve sounded like if their dance was “successful”!

Composed by Aivi & Surasshu